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87% of Festival-Goers Plan To Use Drugs, Cannabis Most Popular Choice


It is the start off of a new competition season, as tunes enthusiasts significantly and wide put together for a summer season full of multi-working day events that includes some of their preferred artists and DJs, together with loads of dancing. For lots of, the competition working experience also will involve consuming a wide range of prescription drugs to amp up the practical experience.

This year’s Drug Protection at Audio Festivals review, carried out by analysis company Innerbody, sheds supplemental light on the behavior and designs of pageant goers this year when also addressing some of the greatest means for folks to stay secure should they choose to take in substances at these gatherings.

The review uses study data from 900 people and indicates that about 87% of competition attendees approach to choose medicines, a 10% increase from final year’s determine

The examine focuses on a wide variety of topics surrounding drug use at songs festivals, starting with the most common substances that competition goers system to use through the upcoming season. 

Alcohol is always the top substance consumed at festivals, but the analyze did not contain it and concentrated solely on drug use. That mentioned, cannabis normally takes the top slot by much, with 65.3% of pageant goers who prepare to use medications declaring they will consume cannabis. Authors notice that the common legalization of leisure hashish throughout the U.S. may well make hashish a considerably less dangerous possibility for attendees. 

Cocaine was the 2nd most well known preference (46.5%), followed by psychedelics (26.1%), MDMA (19.4%), ketamine (19.3%), amphetamines (13.7%), opioids (12.1%), benzodiazepines (10.1%), artificial prescription drugs like bathtub salts or spice (9.7%), hallucinogens like salvia or peyote (6.1%) and inhalants (6%).

Options to use cocaine are up from previous year’s numbers, however there was a 2% fall in the quantity of men and women who strategy to use opioids — which authors observed as shocking presented the ongoing opioid overdose epidemic nevertheless even now “encouraging.”

The study discovered that rock, hip-hop and EDM are the genres most very likely to have audience members less than the impact of prescription drugs, with Wisconsin’s Rock Fest professing the top rated slot as the festival with the most anticipated drug use, according to study individuals. The weeklong Burning Person festival held in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert took the second slot, though Coachella was third place for most expected drug use.

Competition Drug Concealment, Intake and Drug Testing Behaviors

The study also looked at drug concealment, usage and testing behaviors among all those scheduling to consume for festivals, getting that just 32.6% bring their personal prescription drugs with them to the event even though the remaining 67.4% get them at the festival. Final year’s outcomes located that 46% prepared to deliver their possess drugs to the situations. Millennials were the most most likely era to buy drugs at the venue fairly than paying for them beforehand.

In regard to drug screening, a the greater part (80.3%) check their drugs right before the function or pageant, an improve from past year’s close to 67% determine. 

“This raise in tests could be thanks to additional recognition bordering the U.S. opioid crisis and the community training endeavours that have taken spot,” authors observe. “But though the facts is encouraging, it still reflects the truth that 20% of competition goers could be getting perhaps hazardous prescription drugs at live shows.”

Concealing prescription drugs in backpacks and pockets are the most frequent decisions, and researchers also found that attendees are inclined to just take medication in one particular of a few places with a quite balanced distribution: the restroom (29%), inside the crowd (31%) or outside the house the festival gates (33%).

Health Issues, Risky Behavior Damage Reduction and Competition Drug Use

Although authors suggest that the broader prevalence of drug tests is encouraging, the analyze notes that much more than 50 percent of study contributors reported they experienced skilled wellness-connected problems that warranted healthcare notice although under the influence of medications at festivals. The most widespread troubles attendees skilled ended up heat stroke, a terrible journey and dehydration. 

The study also discovered that drug use tended to direct pageant goers to interact in riskier conduct at the occasions, with 66% of both of those Gen Z and millennial respondents reporting they experienced performed so while attending festivals below the influence. Engaging in sex with a stranger was one particular of the most commonplace examples, most prominent amongst millennials, whilst one in just about every 4 millennials also described “driving dangerously” after a festival ended.

Authors notice that abstaining and tests medicines ahead of making use of them are some of the best harm reduction approaches, while surveyed festival goers mostly claimed self-instruction about the medication they have been employing, the challenges and possible aspect consequences as their go-to security measure. The 2nd-most typical strategy was starting with a reduced dosage, followed by drug tests.

“Being aware of your surroundings, remaining shut to your buddies, holding hydrated, and familiarizing oneself with the place of health care tents are also quick and sensible methods to enable stay safe at new music festivals,” authors shut.

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