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Michigan cracks down on marijuana processor over missing cartridges, untested product


This story was republished with permission from Crain’s Detroit and was written by Dustin Walsh

Missing cartridges, untested terpenes and unlabeled products.

The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency filed a formal complaint last week against Hazel Park marijuana processor Flavor Galaxy, alleging it is likely using illicit weed in its products.

The agency issued a recall Wednesday on 1,098 infused marijuana pre-rolls by Flavor Galaxy sold at 20 retail locations across the state, including Quest Cannabis in Whitmore Lake and Planet 59 in Waterford.

The CRA said the products contained tested marijuana flower, but the added distillate and/or terpenes were not. The pre-rolls would have been purchased at the retailers between Nov. 25, 2023 and May 6 of this year.

Denise Pollicella, attorney for Flavor Galaxy, did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the allegations.

The investigation and allegations stem from a complaint filed with the CRA in February that Flavor Galaxy’s Amnesia Watermelon Freeze Hybrid pre-rolls contained distillate that wasn’t labeled correctly. A CRA agent identified that in METRC, the processor listed the product’s shake or trim marijuana was tested, but the terpenes or distillates infused were not listed as tested in the METRC system.

A site visit to the processor revealed it had no documentation of the botanical terpenes used and an employee told CRA agents the terpenes were not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for inhalation. Inactive ingredients must be approved the FDA, according to state rules, and within labeled concentrations of the manufacturer.

The final pre-rolls containing the terpenes were not tested as required by the CRA.

During the visit, the CRA also noted “numerous” marijuana products throughout the facility without METRC tags, which is required by state regulations.

Flavor Galaxy workers could also not located 1,049 “Lemon Drop” vape cartridges that should have been at the processor, according to the state’s tracking software.

The CRA determined that Flavor Galaxy employees were adding marijuana product to pre-rolls after the product had been tested, meaning it could have been cutting its legal product with illicit product. In total, the CRA estimates the processor sold 13,453 pre-rolls that were not being tracked in METRC. The site also had more product under certain SKUs than was listed in the system.

The company also gave 10 packages of marijuana concentrates to employees, even though eight of the packages hadn’t been tested and two of them failed compliance testing for containing ethanol.

Due to the violations, the CRA plans to impose fines and may seek to revoke the company’s marijuana license.

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