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New Report Shows Data on Positive Truck Driver Drug Tests


The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Provider Protection Administration (FMCSA) not too long ago unveiled a report sharing new facts on U.S. truck drivers. The report is made up of a 12 months-conclusion compilation of info from 2023, as well as information specially from December 2023, revealed by the Drug and Alcoholic beverages Clearinghouse. This contains other information concerning “queries executed, violations reported, and motorists in the return-to-obligation (RTD) course of action.”

The report demonstrates that there has been an enhanced quantity of truck drivers with good drug assessments in 2023, as perfectly as a large quantity of motorists who refused to be screened. The number of registered truck drivers has dropped just about every year given that 2020, landing at the latest selection of 858,000 in 2023. Trucker drug violations rose amongst 2022 and 2023, with 67,775 recorded in 2022, followed by 68,229 in 2023. However, the range of trucker drug tests lessened, with 57,597 in 2022 and 54,464 in 2023. 

The FMCSA wrote that there ended up much less trucker screenings total since they refused to be examined. “We’ve noticed that even though the number of beneficial drug assessments dropped for the initial time in relation to the previous calendar year, the variety of all round drug violations claimed to the Clearinghouse continued to boost.”

“The in general increase in drug violations in 2023, even however there are much less good checks, is attributed to a almost 40% maximize in described drug take a look at refusals—9,214 in 2022 as opposed to 12,804 in 2023,” the report said. “Drug take a look at refusals consist of employer described refusals like failing to demonstrate up for a random test, or leaving a take a look at assortment facility after a test has begun but just before it is finish.”

A more comprehensive breakdown exhibits that in 2020, there have been 44,243 constructive drug tests (with 7,092 refusals). This was adopted by 48,407 constructive drug exams in 2021 (with 7,941 refusals), 57,597 beneficial drug checks in 2022 (with 9,214 refusals), and eventually 54,464 positive drug tests in 2023 (with 12,804 refusals).

Liquor drug checks are also conducted for truck motorists, although the fee of good alcohol tests pales in comparison to good drug exams. In 2020, 697 truck drivers analyzed optimistic for alcohol (with 257 refusals), followed by 859 favourable checks in 2021 (with 305 refusals), 904 good alcoholic beverages tests in 2022 (with 330 refusals), and eventually 1,036 positive alcoholic beverages exams in 2023 (with 315 refusals).

In general, drug tests had diminished more than time for all main substances. This consists of hashish (40,916 favourable tests in 2022 vs . 37,657 in 2023), cocaine (10,953 in 2022 versus 10,326 in 2023), methamphetamine (5,569 in 2022 versus 4,515 in 2023), and amphetamine (5,349 in 2022 as opposed to 4,222 in 2023).

The news outlet Transportation Subject areas talked over the latest details from the report. The report points out that the just one issue that has not improved is that drivers who beforehand tested good for one of the aforementioned medication, a the vast majority of them did not return to driving. “Of the 226,598 CDL/CLP [commercial driver’s license/commercial learner’s permit] drivers who tested optimistic for at the very least one particular drug due to the fact the Clearinghouse opened in January 2020, 158,330 remain in ‘prohibited driving position,’” Transportation Subject areas wrote. “A total of 68,268 motorists with at least one particular violation are at the moment in ‘not-prohibited status,’ and 15,699 motorists have efficiently finished follow-up screening.”

American Trucking Associations (ATA) senior vice president of regulatory affairs and protection plan, Dan Horvath, defined that the Clearinghouse technique is the major lead to of a minimize in favourable drug exams for truckers. “While there could be a few mysterious variables that are impacting the decrease, I’m cautiously optimistic that the decline in the amount of positives is simply just mainly because the Clearinghouse is doing the job,” Horvath advised Transport Subjects. “We are now far more than 4 decades into owning an lively Clearinghouse process, and I’m hopeful that the concept is out there that unlawful drug use will be detected.”

Horvath also extra that this data shows the increase in instruction for truckers, and knowledge about the penalties of acquiring a optimistic drug take a look at. “Motor carriers have greater the instruction they present to drivers to make certain they are mindful of the penalties of screening good. Now, we ought to assure that oral fluid tests labs are approved so that carriers can commence making use of that tests approach if they opt for,” Horvath reported. “ATA has also reiterated the need to correct and finalize the lengthy-overdue hair testing recommendations that have been in Office of Administration and Spending budget evaluation for more than a yr now.”

American Transportation Investigation Institute senior vice president, Dan Murray, also offered a comment about the drug exam modifications found in 2023 facts. “2023 was a definitely negative calendar year for the trucking field.” We ended up technically in a economic downturn,” claimed Murray. “So I think the quantity of individuals coming into the marketplace was noticeably smaller than the past many years.”

Murray thinks that truckers are leaving the marketplace right before they get drug analyzed, knowing what will take place. “So I assume some individuals are proactively contemplating ‘Well, right before I get caught, I’m outta in this article,’” Murray discussed. In addition, he thinks that a different part of motorists really do not want to chance their work opportunities. “They say, ‘It’s not really worth it to drive my luck. If I use, I’m likely to get tested. If I get examined I’m likely to shed my task. So it is time to thoroughly clean up my act.’”

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